Simple and extremely effective solutions for your test infrastructure.

We use them in our everyday work and they are awesome!

Ready to dive? Download CM - cli tool
for Aerokube projects.

  • $ ./cm selenoid start
  • Downloading Selenoid...
  • Getting Selenoid release information for version: latest
  • 23:47:27  Downloading Selenoid release from
  • 7.19 MiB / 7.19 MiB [==========================] 100.00% 2s
  • 23:47:31  Selenoid binary saved to ~/.aerokube/selenoid/selenoid
  • 23:47:31  Configuring Selenoid...
  • 23:47:31  Downloading browser data from:
  • 23:47:31  Processing Chrome...
  • 23:47:31  Downloading driver from http://.../2.29/
  • 4.63 MiB / 4.63 MiB [==========================] 100.00% 0s
  • 23:47:36  Starting Selenoid...
  • 23:47:36  Successfully started Selenoid

Aerokube is a small team of software developers

We are creating large scale software testing infrastructure for more than 6 years.

Our experience in building large Selenium clusters allows to create scalable Selenium installation meeting your needs. We also contribute to open-source Selenium tools development.

Take a look at our articles to learn more about what we do.

Open source projects

More projects will come soon! Stay tuned.

Configuration manager for Aerokube products
1.4.2 stablelatest
Release Notes
1.4.2 stable
Selenium Hub replacement launching browsers within Docker containers
1.6.0 stablelatest
Release Notes
1.6.0 stable
Selenoid UI
Standalone user interface for Selenoid
v1.5.6 stablelatest
Release Notes
v1.5.6 stable
Lightweight router to create scalable Selenium clusters
1.5.4 stablelatest
Release Notes
1.5.4 stable
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