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for your test automation infrastructure

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Why choose Aerokube

  • Experienced team. We have more than 10 years of experience with large scale browser automation infrastructure. Clusters that we manage have more than 5000 browsers running in parallel.
  • Reliable products. Creating solutions that work under any load is our top priority.
  • Powerful features. Our solutions support all popular browser automation frameworks: Selenium, Playwright, Puppeteer and Cypress.
  • Easy to deploy and maintain. We provide ready-to-use manifests and instructions allowing to launch working infrastructure in minutes. Our infrastructure requires little or almost no maintenance.
  • Cost-efficient. Our solutions have low memory and CPU consumption. Built-in automated scaling feature dramatically lowers final cost of browser automation infrastructure.
  • Enterprise level security. Our solutions support enterprise technologies such as additional TLS certificates, private container registries, OpenID Connect, fine-grained authentication and authorization out of the box.


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Take a look if you need to browser consumption charts or session logs uploaded to the ELK stack

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