Browser Automation in Kubernetes

Unlimited cluster for Selenium, Playwright and Cypress

In-house cluster

In-house cluster

Runs on any hardware
and in the cloud

Unlimited browsers

Unlimited browsers

Run as many browsers
as your cluster allows

"Swiss Army Knife"

"Swiss Army Knife"

Run Selenium, Playwright and
Cypress tests in one cluster

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing

$5 per parallel session
per month


To buy a license key - contact us:

  • firefox
  • chrome
  • opera
  • edge
  • ie
  • android

Moon Assistance Program

Moon is a mature solution being used for running thousands of tests per day. We are sure Moon is fast and stable. This is why if you are suffering from unstable Selenium tests - don't hesitate to participate in Moon Assistance Program. In this program we help to migrate from your existing Selenium solution to Moon for free. Participating to this program includes:

  • Free dedicated support channel in your desired team messenger (Slack, Telegram and so on);
  • Direct communication with Moon developers in case of complicated issues;
  • Any number of free evaluation license keys of any size until you go to production.

We know - migrating to another Selenium solution can take months of effort and we are ready to support you during this time. If you are interested in this option - contact us:

Moon Cloud

Don't have your own Kubernetes cluster but still want to use Moon? This is now possible with Moon Cloud solution. How it looks like:

For more details about Moon Cloud - check this page.


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